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Applies in all turns between the prevulcanization tread protector and the carcass of tire middle pad rubber coldly. It's has guaranteed the tire in the high load situation the stress even assignment and Guarantees the tire the service life .This product uses the domestic advanced production craft and the German D.O.G Corporation's high quality persistent effect increases sticks material RS and Produces according to the craft standard strict organization.

☆Product characteristic :The coherency is good, cohesive force, the elasticity is good, the storage time is long, the product performance is stable.
☆Curing time :115℃ THREE HOURS .
☆Product Thickness :1.2MM or  according to customer request determination
☆Product width:180MM/240MM or  according to customer request
☆Product storage :This product being suitable storing temperature is below 30 degrees, also evades the light, the heatproof, guards against the pressure, moisture-proof, rainproof.


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